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The beauty of Gretna Glen Camp & Retreat Center can be seen in the people God has called together as servants; willingly giving of their time, talents and treasures to support this amazing ministry. This Gretna Glen camp family includes alumni, campers, friends, guests, parents, staff members & volunteers.

SITE updates 2016

Newcomer Dining Hall Deck Extension

We have lots of great pictures of our new dining hall deck!  Below you will see a slideshow of the finished product, and at the bottom of the page is a collection of all of the photos throughout the construction process.  Thank you so much to all the donors and volunteers who made this project possible!  This three season deck will double the seating of our dining area, offer spectacular views, and provide a new and exciting outdoor space in God's Place Apart. We can't wait to see YOU there.


The Dining Hall Addition is complete!

We are grateful to have this addition as we will be able to serve our campers/guests in a much more comfortable setting.

There are a few items on the Wish List that we were able to purchase in bulk at a significant discount. If you would like to provide some assistance with funds to help purchase these items that would be greatly appreciated.

  • 24 Round Tables-$187 per table
  • 192 Chairs-$32.00 per chair
  • Miscellaneous Kitchenware/Bowls, Plates, Pitchers, Baskets, Silverware-$300.00
  • Sound System-$1,500

If you'd like to make a donation for this project, or any future projects, you can do so by clicking here.

Finished from font right.jpg Finished from front.jpg Finished from roof 2.jpg Finished from roof.jpg Finished view from gaga pit.jpg Looking inside.jpg Lunch on the Deck.jpg