Bathhouse Project Updates:

March 2018

Sinks, Partitions and Mirrors are up. Grab Bars, Shower Curtain Rods, Soap, Paper Towel and Toilet Paper Dispensers are next. Mechanical/Plumbing details are being fine tuned. Our matching grant offer for up to $5,000 has almost hit the half way mark. As of today, we have received $2,173.46 towards the match, which is awesome. If we can get to the $5,000 match we will fulfill the last of the expected expenses for this project for a total amount of monies raised for the bathhouse of $240,000. This space is really coming together and really is a dream come true. Our campers and guests will be able to see and feel the love that was put into this space by the donors, volunteers and staff when they use it. The grand opening will be on open house day May 19th. More details to come.

Extragive 2017 - THank You!

We are beyond thankful for all of your help with the Extraordinary Give in 2017!  We were amazed, humbled, and ever grateful as we watched the response from our community.  We are proud to announce that together - on November 17th we raised:


There's still work to do, and we're not done with this project yet - but this has gone such a long way!  Our estimate is that we need $16,000 to finish the project, and we're committing half of our profits from the Gretna Gritty on May 12th to this also.  

The call to action is still here - we know for a fact that this space will help us to serve our camper's and guests better than ever.  If you want to donate towards the final push - you can do so any time right here.  Thank you - thank you - thank you.

With love - The Staff of Gretna Glen