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Day Camp at Gretna Glen is a wonderful way for kids to explore nature, make new friends, and learn about Christ’s love! For children from 4 years old, through having completed 5th grade. Each week of day camp has a new theme & new lessons; so pick one, two, or more weeks and make Gretna Glen the foundation of your child’s summer. The Village serves as the day camp hub and includes group shelters, a large pavilion, campfire sites, a Tipi, restrooms, and plenty of room to run around. Day campers are dropped off at the Funk Center in the morning and taken back and forth from the village by a wagon ride. Day campers will be divided into family groups by age/grade so that activities for each group can be adjusted to be age appropriate. Day Campers must be fully potty trained and be able to use the restroom when needed without assistance. Diapers and Pull-Ups should not be needed to attend our program. We recognize campers may have an 'accident', and we will care for this type of situation with our health care staff.

A hot lunch, two snacks and plenty of fluids are prepared by our kitchen staff and served at the village. Our highly trained day camp staff spends the entire week leading a small group so that they can better understand the needs of each camper. Although each week of camp has a different theme and Bible lessons, there is a standard schedule that ensures all campers will experience the great things about camp like boating, swimming and fishing each week.

Sample Schedule:

7:30-9:00 Extended Day available if needed
9:00-Arrival, Wagon Ride to Village, Snack
9:45-Morning Worship
10:30-Swim Time, Waterslide
11:30-Lunch & Singing
12:15-Afternoon Transitional Time
12:45-Camp Activities [Boating, Fishing, Playground, Nature]      
1:30-Afternoon Rotations [Bible Discovery, Theme Activities]
3:45-Wagon Ride to Welcome Pavilion
4:00-Camper Pick Up
4:00-5:30 Extended Day available if needed

Extended Day:

Morning extended day is available and children may be dropped off anytime between 7:30am and 8:45am.

Afternoon extended day pick up time is between 5:15pm-5:30pm. This allows campers to go enjoy an additional activity after the end of regular day camp.

Tier 1 / Tier 2 / Tier 3 For information on Tiered Pricing

Day Camp Programs:

for Children 4 years old through 5th Grade (Grade Completed):


super sloppy Day Camp

Event ID: GD10            Dates: June 19-June 23            Capacity: 60               Cost: $190 / $200 / $210     Are you ready to make a mess? This week of camp will be dedicated to the messy things you love to do. Finger painting, mud pies, sloppy snacks, and more! If you're always making a mess, this week is for you.                                                                                                                                                                                              *Select GC10E for extended hours option.

ultimate sports & water fun Day Camp

Event ID: GD20            Dates: June 26-June 30           Capacity: 60                 Cost: $190 / $200 / $210
This week is for the active campers that love to run around and get wet. Ultimate Sports & Water Fun Day Camp will give campers the opportunity to play some great team sports together as well as play around in different water games. Choose your favorite thing to do and have some fun learning something new!
*Select GC20E for extended hours option.

All about animals Day Camp

Event ID: GD30            Dates: July 3-July 7                    Capacity: 60                Cost: $190 / $200 / $210
Gretna Glen has lots of great opportunities to see and explore nature and animals. Come on out to see what kinds of awesome wildlife you might encounter. Each day, campers will get to learn more about animals either through our nature center or from an exciting animal visitor. We'll play animal games and take a little more time to understand the wildlife around us.
*Select GC30E for extended hours option.

Superheroes in training Day Camp                              

Event ID: GD40            Dates: July 10- July 14           Capacity: 60                 Cost: $190 / $200 / $210 Nothing can stand in the way of fun during this week of Superhero day camp! Come to camp for five days packed with learning what is super about you and how with God you are a hero. Superhero Capes are optional attire as we use our imaginations and stand up for good!                                      *Select GC40E for extended hours option.

Color Crazy Day Camp

Program Director: Megann Nyman                                                                                                                                         Event ID: GD50            Dates: July 17-July 21          Capacity: 60                   Cost: $190 / $200 / $210    The world is full of some really beautiful colors. Why not spend a week having some fun interacting with these colors? Color Crazy Day Camp will give campers the opportunity to explore color combinations, use color is crafts and games, and get a better understanding on the colors that surround us. Get excited to play around with color for a week!                                                                                     *Select GC50E for extended hours option.

Wet & Wacky Day Camp

Event ID: GD60            Dates: July 24-July 28           Capacity: 60                   Cost: $190 / $200 / $210  Cool off from the heat of summer with a week packed full of wacky water fun! This program is for the campers that love to get wet. Campers will get the opportunity to play exciting water games and water relays and they will even get to try some of day camp's adventurous activities with a wacky twist. Don't forget your swimsuit this week!                                                                                              *Select GC60E for extended hours option.

Music Makers Day Camp                                          

Program Directors: Jim & Carol Adams
Event ID: GD70            Dates: July 31-August 4         Capacity: 30                  Cost: $190 / $200 / $210
Are you ready for the spotlight? Do you love to sing songs and create your own musical instruments? Music Makers day camp is made just for you! Spend part of each day learning songs for Friday afternoon when you will present a special musical program for your family! The rest of the day is spent enjoying all the fun activities at camp!
*Select GC70E for extended hours option.

Around the World Day Camp

Event ID: GD71            Dates: July 31-August 4       Capacity: 60                   Cost: $190 / $200 / $210   Come explore the awesome adventures and cultures from around the world all from the comforts of Gretna Glen. Campers will spend the week learning about places from around the world and the cool things that happen there. There will be lots of exploring during this week as campers will be transported across the globe through unique activities and wonderful games. Get your passports ready!                                                                                                                                                                                                *Select GC71E for extended hours option.

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