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Host a Camp Sunday

It is 'Camp Sunday' season. We are excited to offer you some options for sharing your love of summer camp with your church community. Whether you are having in-person or virtual gatherings these resources will help you host a Camp Sunday.

If you have any questions at all or we can send you additional supplies please do not hesitate to contact us. We are grateful to be an extension of your church, which gives you a really BIG backyard/ We would love to help you develop a plan to “share the joy of knowing and following Jesus Christ” through the ministry of camping. 

Camp Sunday

Whether you are "In Person" or "Virtual" or something in between, there are multiple ways to engage with your congregation. These Camp Announcement Skits can be used to highlight the joy of summer camp. Adapt as it works for your specific needs and most of all, have some fun sharing about camp.

Camp Announcement Skits

The best kind of Camp Sunday gets the campers involved. If you have a camper or member whose life was changed at camp. Make sure you connect with them so they can tell their camp story. If it is possible, have them help with the church service.  Please feel free to contact our office if you'd like additional resources to help with your camp Sunday.

These resources can be printed out to provide extra activities and create a space to talk about summer camp at Gretna Glen, Carson Simpson, Innabah, or Pocono Plateau. 

Fun Camp Snack Recipes

"Color In" Camp Invitations

Camp Songs and Graces