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Summer 2024

Experience God's place apart...

Anglers and Archers

Ages:  12-15 

Housing: Cabins

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Cost: $465/$515/$565 with Tiered Pricing

Archery, Fishing, and Jesus. If that sounds like a great way to spend the week, then this camp is for you! Our Anglers and Archers will take fishing to another level with some dedicated lake time to fish from boats. They’ll also have not one, not two, but three dedicated hours for archery practice and instruction by a certified archery coach. Early morning devotions with a fishing rod in hand will help us to consider God’s calling to make us all “Fisher’s of people”. Whether you’re a bass master or completely new to anything with hooks or bowstrings, we are excited to use these sports as avenues to building lasting community with each other. 

Event ID: GC45 – Anglers and Archers

Dates: Sunday July 7 arrive between 3 and 4pm until Friday July 12 departing between 5 and 6pm

Capacity: 24


All Gretna Glen children and youth campers will have the opportunity to share in the camp experience filled with singing, Bible Discovery, worship, crafts, nature, swimming, boating, fishing, campfires, hiking, archery, sports, games, and much more. Each program is designed specifically to be age appropriate. Youth campers will have the opportunity to take part in off-site trips, high and low ropes challenge courses, and theme-based programming.

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Summer Camp gives campers an opportunity to:

Create an open environment for discussion and allow them to share where they are in their faith walk.
Share in the experience of being a team player and learn the importance of inclusion.
Discover new talents and creativity while stepping out of their comfort zones and overcoming fears.
Learn how they can be a helpful and contributing community member.

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Anglers and Archers GC54

Dates: Sunday July 7 arrive between 3 and 4pm until Friday July 12 departing between 5 and 6pm

Ages: 12-15 Years Old

Housing: Cabins/Wesley

Capacity: 24 Campers

Price: Tier 1 $465/Tier 2 $515/Tier 3 $565

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